NISA offers National membership to Private Schools Association, Individual School and Corporate Member where they can work together to increase access of weaker sections to affordable quality education. It offers various benefits to the members as mentioned in the memberships categories.

NISA State Membership/ Individual

Benefits to the Associations

  • Joining an alliance that provides a national voice, advocating for the interest of budget private schools.
  • Opportunity to spread awareness about the need for associations.
  • Reputation-building for the association at a national and international level.
  • Exposure and opportunities to learn from the best practices of other member associations from different states.
  • Latest information about education developments, new legislations, policies, regulations, amendments and related issues.
  • Direct contact with colleagues across the country and throughout the nation - an open gateway to people and resources that help make schools even better.
  • Through a nationwide advocacy campaign, access to legal aid to protect interests of associations.
  • Representation on a national citizenry platform that advocates for fewer regulations and greater transparency from the government, media, academics and international organisations.
  • Updates on important cases from alliance officers and staff who attend meetings with governments .
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Service Providers 1
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Benefits to service providers

  • Membership in an alliance that is actively working to further the needs  and mission of service providers.
  • Access to the 36400 schools in over 20 states currently being represented by NISA – a number which is constantly growing as our membership base expands.
  • A platform to share and market innovations and services.
  • Space to test the value and applicability of new ideas and solutions in the education sector, in different parts of the country.
  • Opportunities to conduct workshops and trainings for school owners, students and teachers and become established as a resource person in the field.
  • Invitations to national and state level events
    • Provisions to set up stalls at NISA's events which bring together over 200 education professionals under one roof over a period of 1- 2 days.
    • Easy and direct access to data about needs and requirements of schools across the country.
    • Opportunities for learning from the best practices of other service providers from diverse backgrounds.
    • Platform to showcase current and future projects.
  • Latest information about education developments, new legislations, policies, regulations, amendments and related issues.
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Fees: Yearly membership fees for the all types of members will be decided by the executive body of NISA.