Partnership programs

Desh Apnayen Sahyog Foundation


Desh Apnayen is focused on creating a sense of ownership for the country in the society and particularly in the youth and inspiring them to take part as owners in our civic and citizenship education programmes. We believe in participatory leadership and we aim to create a motivated citizenry for the same.
The three pillars that will help us achieve this are:
Citizenship education – where we enable youth to foster a spirit of pride and patriotism for the country.
Volunteerism – where we encourage community-driven models of change, leading to sustainable outcomes.
Neighbourhood – charity must begin at home and in the neighbourhood. After all, the nation is nothing but all neighbourhoods put together.

   Creating a world of readers is only possible if we ensure that the power, joy, comfort and opportunity of reading is accessible to all people. We recognize that       throughout a reader’s life there are varying needs and interests that influence the types of books and content she or he might need. Our four distinct programs    provide unique solutions to our readers’ needs, allowing them to experience reading individually, as a group and to others, in the most impactful way.


Educational Innovations (EI)Founded in the year 2013, MANTRA is an acronym that stands for Maverick Association for Novelty, Transformation, and Radical Augmentation. We work towards the vision of holistic development of society – the key component being quality and equity in education. Started by three members as a pilot project at one school in Bengaluru, today Mantra4Change has a team size of 44 spanning across the city. Our School Transformation and Empowerment Project (STEP) and Project for Active Cluster Engagement (PACE) work with under-resourced schools. Mantra has directly partnered with 88 schools in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Through our projects, we take a holistic approach towards improving every school. We assess our impact through improved student outcomes, empowered school leadership, better teaching-learning practices, and productive community participation. Since the beginning of our journey, we have believed that systemic transformation in education is impossible without collaboration at every level. In order to scale the idea of systemic transformation in school education, Mantra has also partnered with reputed non-profits, like Teach for India and Advaith Foundation. Creating communities of practice have accelerated our endeavor towards achieving systemic education transformation.

Grey Matters Capital
Indian School Finance CompanyGray Matters Capital was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2006. Explore our timeline to know our story and how we continue to move a step closer to our mission. Our Mission.“An education leading to a more purposeful life for 100 million women by 2036.”
The adage “Educate a Girl and You Educate a Village” is something which we at Gray Matters Capital believe in. As impact investors, we see education and skill building as a catalyst to socially and economically empower women and girls.
In line with our gender focus of bridging the gender gaps in education and workforce participation, we are also endeavouring to improve the quality of education that is imparted in schools as learning outcomes have a direct bearing on future employability.