1. Right to Education


  1. Low cost schooling! Is it in the favor of poor? Is it available equally to everyone. Read More
  2. Private education for poor: Are private schools able to meet the educational needs of the poor: Read more
  3. Public-private partnership for quality education in India by Karthik Muralidharan:
  4. Survey of rural private primary schools in India conducted in 2003:


  1. Grey Matters Capital Report on Affordable Private Schools:
  2. Private Schools for the poor, a case study by James Tooley and Pauline Dixon:
  3. Growth of low cost private sectors in elementary education:
  4. Why parents choose private education over government education? Case studies by GMC tracing the history of school development:
  5. Private Education: What the poor can teach us
  6. Government Schools: A privilege with harassment. A case study at M.P.
  7. Effectiveness of Private Schools in India by Rukmini Banerji:
  8. Enrolment pattern of private schools in rural India:
  9. Private Sector in education: IIR Report 12
  10. Private Schools for the Poor by JAMES TOOLEY
  11. Shailja Chandra Report:


  1. RTE: A critique by Parth J Shah and Shreya Agarwal
  2. Private Schools in the Poorest Countries


Books and Publications

  1. The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World's Poorest People Are Educating Themselves by James Tooley
  2. The impact of charter schools on public and private school enrolments:
  3. The real cost of public schools:


Internship Papers: CCS

  1. Monitoring the administration of Right to Education Act:
    This paper addresses the issue of examining the structure of RTE and implementing agency is different from the monitoring agency. For more information
  2. Effect of RTE on unrecognized schools:
    This paper checks whether the norms provided by RTE are met or not, otherwise they would face closure. For more information
  3. Impact of RTE on financial structure of BPS:
    This paper discusses the rise in the fees of budget private school after the introduction of RTE. For more information
  4. Reservation for the underprivileged:
    25% seats of unaided schools are reserved for the economically weaker sections of the society. For more information
  5. Summary of the level of education provided by schools in Delhi:
    This paper classifies school on different basis and provides comparative analysis. For more information
  6. Private Schools:
    This paper emphasizes on the legal procedure and steps that are to be undertaken to open a private school. For more information
  7. Education Vouchers:
    This paper assesses voucher schemes, its objectives, advantages and disadvantages. For more information
  8. Expenditure on education by government:
    For more information
  9. A Case study on unrecognized private schools in the unauthorized colony of Sangam Vihar, Delhi:
    For more information
  10. Business in education:
    This paper mainly focuses on the entrepreneurship undertaken by unrecognized schools in the form of education, for more information
  11. Venture Capital and Micro-finance Instituted Business Plan for a School Edupreneur:
    Through this paper, it is studied whether it is possible to procure finances for the institutionally disabled edupreneurs from private players like venture capitalists and micro-finance institutions. For more information



  1. How private players are doing better than government in a vital sector, Education.
    This paper talks about the efficient working of low budget private schools as compared to free education providers government school. Read More
  2. In the presence of an almost free alternative how bps are preferred by low income groups: A case study from Hyderabad.
  3. Private Schools serving the poor: A case study from Delhi
    This paper talks about how efficiently private schools are serving a medium to provide education to poor kids. Read More
  4. Private Schooling in India: A new landscape
    This paper carves out the difference b/w public and the private schools. Read More
  5. The Regulation of Private Schools Serving Low-Income Families in Andhra Pradesh, India
    This paper talks about how private schools are imparting education to poor kids in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Read More
  6. A study on how low-income parents choose private schools for their children:
  7. Private Education is good for poor
    Read More.
  8. Comparing public, private and market schools: an international evidence:
  9. The Aggregate Effect of School Choice: Evidence From a Two-stage Experiment in India