Number of Rooms to be basis of School Recognition: Manish Sisodia

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016

~Policy Review Committee be made to Solve Issues Faced by Budget Private Schools~

~Reviewed Problems Faced By Budget Private Schools Due To Unviable Land Norms~

28 September 2016, New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister, Mr Manish Sisodia showed complete solidarity with a large gathering of 500 schools congregated at the ‘State Conference for Budget Private Schools’ agreeing that  the existing land norms are creating huge problems for the recognition of budget private schools. To solve this problem, he also agreed that number of rooms should be basis of recognition rather than requirement of a certain area of land. The conference was organized by National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), a national association of budget private schools, in collaboration with Delhi Independent Schools Alliance (DISA) and Coordination Committee of Public Schools (CCPS) in the capital on Wednesday.

The CM also agreed on the proposal to form a policy review committee comprising of educationists, academicians and experienced teachers to collaboratively work on the issues faced by the budget private schools. During the conference at the Ghalib auditorium, he stated that if a school has 12 rooms, then the schools may run one section each till class 10. The Deputy CM’s announcements have a potential of providing immediate relief to about 1400 schools in Delhi.

The conference was attended by a huge gathering of small school owners who raised their problems of running schools in Delhi. The minister acknowledged the problems faced and promised that all possible measures to be ensured for the betterment of the education sector. He also added that the Delhi government has prioritized quality education for all and making a lot of efforts for the same.

Present at the occasion, Mr Kulbhushan Sharma, National President, NISA said, “The voice of budget private schools is always ignored by the system and there is no platform for dialogue with the government for their development. So there is an urgent need of a separate Policy Review Committee, which will help both the government and budget private schools to discuss policy related issues which will ensure education for every child of this country.” 

Stating his views, Mr R K Sharma, Chairman, Coordination Committee of Public Schools (CCPS) said, “Budget Private Schools are fulfilling the right to education of every poor child in this country. They are functioning at places where even the government has not been able to provide education. Delhi has no sufficient land to establish new schools. There is a need for upgrading all the existing budget private schools to support the government in imparting education. It is important to have a single window clearance and governance system for ease of these schools.”

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Rajesh Malhotra, President, Delhi Independent Schools Alliance (DISA) said, “Budget Private Schools are functioning at a wafer thin margin. The Commercial Charges for these budget private schools is a huge concern. On one hand, we are claiming that all these institutions should be not for profit and on the other side, we are charged commercial rates for electricity, water, property tax, development charges, et al. Therefore, there should be a different slab for the budget private schools.” 

This momentous occasion was attended by more than 500 budget private school owners and state representatives from Punjab, Goa, Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and other states. The event was led under the able guidance of Chandrakant Singh, Aalok Sharma, Kuldip Sharma and Madan Mohan who highlighted the major issues faced by the budget private schools and Amit Chandra from the NISA secretariat steered the event.