Teachers’ black arm band protest against govt

The Times of India
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Nagpur: Thousands of schools across the country will observe 'Black Day' on Thursday to protest policies of central and respective state governments that interfere with their administration.

The protest, being coordinated by Delhi-based National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), has received support from some CBSE and state board schools in the city as well. All staff members have been asked to wear a black ribbon and also put up a black flag on the school's gate and buses.

NISA's president Kulbhushan Sharma said, "There is a conspiracy going on against private unaided schools. Rules are being framed to discriminate various types of schools on the basis of affiliation, status and infrastructure. We will hold peaceful protest and mark it as 'Black Day'."

Other organizations too have extended support. Nagpur academician Nana Satpute, senior member of Independent English Schools Assocation (IESA), said, "There are many from Nagpur who will be participating in the protest. Schools are being painted as villains in every thing that happens and that wrong perception has to change."

The organization has claimed that 60,000 schools across the country will take part in the protest.

Dr Amit Chandra, Delhi-based national coordinator of NISA, said, "Everyone needs to contribute to the mission of imparting quality education. Governments lacked capacity and found partner in private schools to fulfil the mission. Today around 40% students are enrolled in private schools and getting quality education at very affordable price. Private schools' contribution can't be underestimated. Government intervention in private schools is leading to corruption and politicization of education."

Prem Chand Deshwal, president of Private Land Public Schools Association (Delhi), said, "Private schools are not involved in the process of making policy."

Even the recent school safety guidelines are causing us trouble. Eighty per cent school staffs are female and facing difficulties in police verification process, CCTV cameras will result into burdening parents with increased cost."