Quality education not priority of state governments: NISA

India Today
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State governments are not putting in sincere efforts in providing quality education to poor students, an association of private schools alleged here on Thursday.

According to PTI, the National Independent Schools Association (NISA) alleged that in Haryana, despite the orders of the High Court, the government is not willing to pay any reimbursement for teaching poor students.

Central government and other state governments are also indifferent, and are not making timely and adequate reimbursement.

"We demand education vouchers of Rs 2000/-per month to all students to give them choice of school, to provide direct benefit transfer to pursue the goal of Fund the students, not the schools," said the president of NISA and Federation of Private Schools Association, Kulbushan Sharma.

"Haryana government had promised to resolve all problems of private schools and constituted a committee of eight school representatives and four government officials but the government has gone back on its promises and has not even notified the committee," Sharma alleged.

NISA and the Federation have demanded scraping of RTE and implementation of Right to Quality Education in its place.

NISA is a platform that brings together budget private schools (BPS) from across the country to give them a unified voice to address their concerns about legislations and by-laws, which apply to them and to facilitate quality improvement in schools.