President, PM urged to ban political rallies

The Tribune
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The National Independent Schools’ Alliance (NISA) has sought a complete ban on political rallies in the country. In a letter, the alliance requested President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to put a ban on political rallies and give directions to the political parties to opt for digitisation to address the public.

Kulbhushan Sharma, president, NISA, said: “We welcome the move of digitisation, but no thought is being given towards the practice of holding political rallies in the country. Every year, thousands of crores get wasted by the political parties in organising rallies.”

“Private schools are forced to send their buses to transport public to the rally sties. As per the rules, the buses can’t go beyond their regular routes, but schools are forced to violate the rules. In case the bus meets with an accident, the school can’t claim compensation from the insurance company as it was not on its permitted route,” he said.

The NISA president said the private schools had decided not to provide buses for the political rallies and urged the governments also, but to no avail. “Hence, we have requested the President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and Chief Election Commissioner to put a ban on political rallies,” he added.