170 city private schools to observe black day today

The Times of India
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DEHRADUN: Around 170 private schools in Uttarakhand will observe October 12 as ‘black day’ in a protest against the state government policies regarding fee hikes in schools. They will also write to education minister, Arvind Pandey with all the grievances.

The executive committee of the Principals’ Progressive Schools’ Association, a body that represents a number of private schools in the state has decided that the staff will wear black ribbons to register their protest.

Accusing the government of being ‘dictatorial’ in their behaviour towards private schools, Prem Kashyap, president of the association, said, “The state has decided that we can only increase fees every three years and we also have to impart quality education. How come then they are not so strict with government schools?”

Kashyap added that the government’s order to not increase fees is unreasonable. “In that case how will we increase salaries of our staff? We don’t get any government aid and our only source of earning is fees. Also, why will the staff work without bonus and special pay? The decision needs to be revised.”

Making NCERT books compulsory for students have also perturbed private schools. He added, “In CBSE schools, students will be taught only from NCERT books. Although they are good, they are insufficient for practice. The government is making rules that will only hamper the quality of education.”

Private schools are also under a scanner for safety norms after the death of a boy in Gurgaon’s Ryan International. “A principal has a lot of duties and he/she can’t be held responsible for an unfortunate incident as this. If Uttar Pradesh CM didn’t resign after the many deaths in Gorakhpur hospital, why should the principal? Schools are just soft target for the government”, Kashyap added.