NISA state meeting : Lalitpur, UP

Event Date: 
Monday, 8 April, 2013
Event Venue: 
Uttar Pradesh, India

8th April 2013 – The Private School Management Association organised the year’s first state meeting. The meeting took place at Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh. Om Prakash Verma, District Magistrate, Lalitpur addressed the meeting. He highlighted the importance of education for the overall development of Lalitpur.  Ajay Srivastav, State representative, UP, spoke on the importance of the improving quality among schools.  Shantanu Gupta, Associate Director, Centre for Civil Society addressed the meeting and highlighted some of the key points under RTE. The meeting ended with a school assessment activity where everyone was asked to list down indicators to a good school. It was seen that Child Learning, the nature of teachers and cleanliness of the students  were some of the indicators for identifying a good school.