Sr. No.StateSchools Closed1Closure Notices Served2Closure Threat3
1Andhra Pradesh81*112181
6Himachal Pradesh19NA48
10Madhya Pradesh18NA408*
13Tamil Nadu574746NA
14Uttar Pradesh253*4903*2197*
Total 2,46913,5464,482

Source : Review of 170 English Media articles


* In case of multiple media reports from the same district on consecutive dates, we have taken the highest number of schools cited. For example, in one of the districts in Uttar Pradesh, the number of schools served closure notices in three different media reports is 200+146+37, so instead of adding them or taking an average, we have considered the highest being 200.

1 Schools Closed : This includes private schools declared shut as per media reports. For example, according to a Pune Mirror report published in June 2017, 70 schools were closed by the Zilla Parishad and Pune Municipal Corporation due to absence of a license.
2 Schools served closure notices : This includes articles that report the number of schools that have received closure 'notices'. Consider this: An April 2016 article states that the schools were sent a "final notice on April 4, and were given a week to shut down or face action, which can range from a lumpsum fine of Rs 1 lakh, to Rs 10,000 per day of violation or even criminal action for running an educational institution without approval." In this case, while the schools have received a notice, we are not sure if they were eventually closed.
3 Schools under threat of closure : This category includes instances where schools were issued show cause notices, i.e., to state reasons why they should not be closed. For example, a Business Standard report, published in March 2018, refers to issuance of show cause notices to 1,585 schools. It also captures articles that report schools being threatened to close, although without any formal issue of notice.


For information on how we arrived at the estimates, read our latest India School Closure Report 2018.