51-days Save education campaign


The entire education system is at a critical point right now because of the lockdown which has been implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Parents are finding it difficult to pay school fees, and this, in turn, is affecting the financial stability of private schools, thus, questioning their very existence. Besides, students’ learning is also getting hindered and private school teachers are barely left with any job.

Keeping in view all the distress faced by the parents, students, teachers, and schools, NISA decided to launch a 51-day SAVE EDUCATION campaign to make the Government aware of these issues. With the help of this campaign, NISA aims at convincing the people about the need to provide funding to students through Direct Benefit Transfer model, so that a unified voice can be built across the nation to make the Government implement the idea of funding students through school vouchers in the education policy.

Concept Note – Fund Student Campaign

During the course of the campaign, NISA is going to organize a series of activities focused on targeting the media and policymakers for a period of 51 days. In order to accomplish this task, NISA requests you to fully support the campaign and actively take part in its activities. This campaign will not be fruitful without your efforts. NISA Believes in your able leadership and no doubt that we will succeed in this campaign with your support and guidance.

#FundStudents #SaveTeachers #SaveSchools

NISA appeals all stakeholders of education-not leaving anyone behind, “To Make this campaign as your own”.

Shiksha Bachao Abhiyan

Spread-Raise your voice! Support- To uplift each of us!

NISA request you to kindly support by changing your DP as your identity for few days indicating that Yes-You Support!

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Letter to Hon’ble Prime Mnister of India

Campaign IEC materials


NISA – “Education Care Fund” is a constituent of the NISA Education- National Independent Schools Alliance, in which the dedicated NISA Education team procure funds from Individuals, Private Schools, associations members and investing these resources for creating opportunities, promoting philanthropy to poor students, teacher’s community by extending financial support and digital support to the poor students to continue their learning.

In the context of the COVID-19 hit, there are millions of students who are facing problem to continue their education because of their digital vulnerability. NISA Education Care Fund will especially help the students with digital gadgets to keep their learning on.

NISA Education Care Fund will be use to help students, parents, teachers, and schools under financial stress to cope up with the pandemic.

Account Name: NISA Education
A/c No. 412102010057920
Union Bank of India,
Nehru palace, New Delhi
IFSC Code: UBIN0541214
Account Type: Current account

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As this is a digital campaign NISA urge all the educationist to join us across all the social media platforms and groups to build a strong voice of private schools in India.

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