NISA School Leaders Summit

Multi - Purpose Hall, India International Centre, New Delhi, India

26 September 2013 | 9:00 AM -6:30 PM
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Benefits to service providers

  • Membership in an alliance that is actively working to further the needs  and mission of service providers.
  • Access to the 7000 schools in over 15 states currently being represented by NISA – a number which is constantly growing as our membership base expands.
  • A platform to share and market innovations and services.
  • Space to test the value and applicability of new ideas and solutions in the education sector, in different parts of the country.
  • Opportunities to conduct workshops and trainings for school owners, students and teachers and become established as a resource person in the field.
  • Invitations to national and state level events
    • Provisions to set up stalls at NISA’s events which bring together over 200 education professionals under one roof over a period of 1- 2 days.
    • Easy and direct access to data about needs and requirements of schools across the country.
    • Opportunities for learning from the best practices of other service providers from diverse backgrounds.
    • Platform to showcase current and future projects.
  • Latest information about education developments, new legislations, policies, regulations, amendments and related issues.


Amount in INR*

  • Table space (6 ft x 2 ft)
  • Whole day display
  • Two 30 minute breaks to interact with participants between sessions
  • An hour lunch break to interact with participants between sessions

Without Presentation: 15,000

With Presentation : 20,000

* For customized provisions, prices negotiable.

For more information contact: Mehek Rastogi; Mobile: +91 81305 62702; Email:

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