Does the notice

  • Allege violation under Sections 18-19 or some other section?
  • Give you an opportunity to be heard?
  • Give you an opportunity to comply with norms?
  • Contain a direction for transfer of children to a neighbourhood Government school?
  • Cite a specific violation?
  • come subsequent to a show-cause notice?
  • Ask you to close your school in mid-session?


Is that neighborhood Government school

  • Compliant with RTE and state norms in terms of infrastructure and pupil-teacher ratio?
  • Better than your school in terms of learning outcomes?
  • Located close enough for easy accessibility by children?




What to contend before the Court

  • Shutting down a school in middle of an academic year is not in best interests of children and it is against the spirit and objective of RTE Act
  • Transferring children to an unaffordable school, a non-compliant school or a school with sub-standard learning outcomes hampers parental choice and is against the spirit and objective of RTE Act

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